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The SFGH-100 siren system is a full function 100 watt siren that incorporates an electronic alternating headlight flasher and a brake back-up light flasher in the same package.The SFGH-100 is designed for undercover use where a full function siren with public address is needed with a minimum of exposure in the vehicle.

The control head is only 3.5“L x 1.5“W x 1“H and very easy to conceal. The small electronics module is easily located in the trunk or on the underside of the rear deck area. The power and control cables are then routed to the front of the vehicle.

The SFGH-100 siren draws no battery current unless a siren function or the public address system is activated. The unit turns on and off with the vehicle’s ignition switch. The user simply activates the desired function from the control head.

All SFGH-100 functions are accessible from the tiny control head. They include flashing headlights, flashing brake/back-up lights, radio rebroadcast, wail, yelp, public address and air horn. When the headlights are flashing, using the bright lights will override flasher operation. An indicator above the switch shows when either flasher is on. The PA. Volume knob provides control of both Public Address and Radio Rebroadcast volume. Public address and air horn override siren functions at all times. Outputs from the lighting switch can be used to control external strobe power packs and lights, (500ma max per output).

The siren system is equipped with connectors that make installation quick, easy and very reliable, all with a minimum of technical knowledge. The electronics module has quick connect plugs for the control and power cable assemblies.

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